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In Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School there are more than 10 different vocational education programmes and one vocational development education programme.

How to apply?

  • For trainings for a fee - individual must call 28304941 or write an e-mail
  • For persons with disabilities or anticipated disability trainings at Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School is for free. Call 29187093 or write an e-mail

In order to receive state-funded trainings in Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School person with disability or anticipated disability must first receive a Professional assessment process. During Professional assessment process SIVA specialists assess health status of each individual of working age with disability or anticipated disability and his/her motivation to engage in training process and the labour market, his/her interests, knowledge and abilities. As a result, the individual receives a recommendation of SIVA specialists on suitable areas of activities (professions, training programmes or support measures).

Friendly school for persons with disability

Training environment in Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School is especially friendly and adapted for persons with disabilities. In addition to training, social rehabilitation services are provided to improve and strengthen the health of person, thereby increasing the quality of persons life.

Why does learnes choose Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School?

  • Various forms of training: full-time, part-time
  • Experienced, qualified educators and specialists
  • Creative teaching methods
  • Organised and up-to-date classrooms and environment, what is entirely adapted for persons with reduced mobility and for wheelchair users 
  • Library with the latest teching materials
  • Career counselor helps to find practices and workplaces
  • Opportunity to participate in Student self-regulation and to represent the interests of students and to organise events
  • Various leisure activities - vocal ensemble, sporting activities, swimming pool, gym, excursions, thematic evenings etc.
  • Cozy student hostel

Why does learner's parents support training in Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School?

Ilona, mother of computer system technician learner:

We chose this school because it is close to our place of residence. The son does not have to go a long distance to Riga, thus saving time and money. We also received a good reviews about school from a son's friend who advised to choose the profession of a computer system technician.

Why does a Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School learners are selected by employers?

Andris Voltners, manager of SIA „Elektro Bauska” about Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School graduate - master of electrotechnicals Martins Skipars:

Our company has got a good professional in electrical engineering. Martins is responsive and very diligent employee.


Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School cooperates with various Latvian companies and institutions, providing places of practice for learners.

So far we have a successful cooperation with employers - Latvijas dzelzceļš (Latvian Railway), Lauku atbalsta dienests (Rural Support Service), Jūrmalas pilsētas dome (Jūrmala City Council), Maxima Latvija, VISION EXPRESS BALTIJA”, Rimi Baltic, hotel of Jūrmala Villa Joma, SPA hotelis Pegasa pils etc.

Received Certificates of Appreciation and Certificates of Gratitude (in latvian)

    Self-assessment reports of Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School (in latvian):