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People have been using natural healing materials for cosmetic and medical purposes for centuries. We provide therapeutic application procedures using therapeutic sludge, mountain wax (ozokerite), clay and paraffin.

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Contains a diverse and unique set of minierals. When combined with heat, they produce anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, absorbing effects in the body. For this reason, sludge is recommended for use in treatment industries such as dermatology, surgery, neurology, therapy and orthopedic ology. The use of sludge will strengthen the human immune system and activate the protective capacity of the body, which contributes to recovery and long-term preservation of health. They effectively output the body's accumulated toxins, reduce inflammation and pain.

Mountain wax (ozokerite)

Viscous mass in brown with specific aroma. When coating mountain wax on the body, it provide a deep heat effect (around 30 - 60 °C). Mountain wax applications are widely applied in rehabilitation and curortology. Ozokerite applications are very effective in various motion, supporting systems diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, after joint and bone breaks, spine and joint operations etc.). Mountain wax is used to effectively treat cellulite.


The oldest natural healing substance containing many of the organic and inorganic substances needed for the organism: flint, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium etc. Clay works as a great absorbent. Clay can be used both - externally and internal (in cases of poisoning). Clay may be used without heat treatment, therefore it is recommended to use it in cases were warming procedures are not possible. When combining clay applications with heat treatment, skin cleaning procedures can be performed, improving skin structure and colour, as well as weight adjustment, prevention and treatment of cellulitis. Clay applications are effective in cases of joint and back pain, skin inflammation and allergies, including stress relief and relaxation.

Paraffin therapy

Type of heat treatment. Medical paraffin therapy first affects the upper body tissues, contributing to blood and lymph circulation, which in turn contributes to the feeding of tissues, the absorption and excretion of harmful products caused by the disease, and to the recovery of damaged tissues, and also to the reduction of pain and oedema. Medical paraffin therapy is widely used for the treatment of diseases of the movement apparatus (e.g. chronic inflammation of joints, tendons and muscles associated with movement restrictions, oedema and pain), poorly healing wounds, nervous system diseases, as well as softening the rigid and painful scars. It should not be used for the treatment of tumors, acute inflammatory processes, tuberculosis, also not then if client has been prone to bleeding.

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