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Project No of the European Union foundation on the integration of persons with disabilities or mental disorders in labour market and society. An agreement on the implementation of the project was concluded on 11 April 2016.

Within the framework of the project the vocational rehabilitation system will be improved, thereby facilitating access to services for the Project target group - people with severe disabilities (1st and 2nd group of disabilities) and persons with mental disorders.
During the project for people with severe disabilities is developed and implemented 5 new professional rehabilitation programmes that matches with labour market demands. On the other hand, in order to encourage the integration of people with mental disorders into the labour market, the project will set up a system for the certification of skills, including the development and implementation of a new 35 skills training programms which will be needed in the labour market. After the acquisition of a vocational rehabilitation programmes, persons with severe disabilities will obtain a professional qualification document, while persons with mental disorders following a skill training programme – a skills supporting document.
The Professional Rehabilitation Service will not only ensure the acquisition of vocational rehabilitation programmes or skills training programmes for the persons involved in the Project, but also measures to maintain their capacity and improving (social rehabilitation), supporting job finding, and providing advice to employers on the involvement of project target group members into the labour market.
Professional rehabilitation programmes and skills training programmes will provide meaningful leisure facilities. At the same time, the necessary additional services – accommodation and catering – will be provided.

The total eligible funding for the project is EUR 1 752 103, including the European Social Fund, EUR 1 489 287 and the state budget EUR 262 816. The project is scheduled to be implemented by 30 June 2021.

ESF project “Integration of persons with disabilities or mental disorders into labour market and society” No
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