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Professional rehabilitation is a set of measures that ensure the acquisition of a profession as consistent with the type and severity of functional disorders, and the level of education and qualification previously acquired. The Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School and the Social Integration State Agency College provide vocational elementary education, vocational secondary education, first-level higher education, and give the opportunity to train for a new occupation in short-term programmes for professional development and continuing education

Process description

  1. Request the service
    Vocational Aptitude Assessment should be carried out before obtaining Professional Rehabilitation Service. You can apply:
    1) by phone 29249084 or 29187093
    2) by e-mail:
    3) at SIVA web-site -
    You should submit your application and the extract issued by the general practitioner (U27) indicating the codes of the diseases and concomitant diseases (SSK-10), and the absence of contraindications for vocational aptitude assessment, copies of the educational documents (while presenting the original documents) and the copy of the document certifying the change in surname (given name) (while presenting the original document), if applicable.

  2. Receipt of services
    During the receipt of a professional rehabilitation service, a person acquires the necessary knowledges, acquires the skills and rehabilitation services which are needed for work. Also person receives a rehabilitation services which are needed to maintain his or her health.
    Meals three times a day, accommodation in the student hostel (if required), transport services from the student hostel to the place where the service is received, consultations and support of specialists are provided along with the service.