Piecu cilvēku rokas, kas savilktas dūrītēs un saliktas kopā, veidojot kopīgu sadarbības apli

In April of 2021 the Social Integration State Agency concluded a cooperation agreement with the Latvian Career Support Development Association on cooperation under the Erasmus + project “Motivating Low-skilled Adults in Accessing Upskilling Pathways to Increase Opportunities” Motiv-Action Nr. 2020-1-SE01-KA204-077884.

The role of Social Integration State Agency

Whereas the specialists of the Social Integration State Agency has a long-term experience of providing professional rehabilitation services and promoting the integration of people with disabilities, predictable disabilities and mental disorders in employment and society, the member of the project Motiv-Action – The Latvian Career Development Supprt Association – works closely with the Social Integration State Agency. 

What is project Motiv-Action?

Project “Motivating Low-Skilled Adults in Accessing Upskilling Pathways” (Motiv-Action, project No 2020-1-SE01-KA204-077884) is implemented under Erasmus+ KA2.

Objectives of the project “Motiv-Action”:

  • to create a set of digital tools that will help unemployed adults to access learning or career opportunities;
  • to develop innovative tools and methodologies for employment counsellors, career guidance professionals, and adult education providers.


IO1: E-Coach Course and Skillset for Adult Learners and Guidance Operators.

IO2: Exploitation Guidelines for Users and Educatorsī. 

IO3: MOTIV-ACTION Strategic Action Plan.

Deadline for project implementation:

August, 2023.

Partners of the project: