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Our specialists will help to improve your health and stabilize your functional condition! Procedures can be received on an outpatient or inpatient basis.
Before applying for the service, please consult your family/  treating doctor about health-enhancing procedures or apply for a consultation with SIVA specialists.

Important information during the spread of Covid-19

Please note that outpatient services are currently suspended.

In order to reduce the risks for SIVA employees and customers to become infected with Covid-19, a "Covid-19 infection control measures plan for the implementation of services at Dubultu Prospekts 71, Jūrmala" has been developed and approved (in latvian language).

Availability of services

SIVA premises are fully accessible to persons with disabilities, providing the opportunity to move around all floors of the building, to use the elevator, it is easy to enter and exit the building, because there are automatic doors. Customized facilities are available for customers with reduced mobility. SIVA premises on each floor have a specially adapted toilet room for people with disabilities.

Medical institution code: 130014001

Consultations and supervision of doctors

Doctors of SIVA assesses the clients health and functional condition, develops an individual rehabilitation plan and monitors the progress of its implementation, as well as determine clients treatment and appropriate catering.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists of SIVA asesses the client's ability to perform daily acitivities, physical, cognitive and communication skills, as well as obtains information about the client's physical and social enviroment.
We offer individual consultations and classes which aim is to help to acquire/ recover skills that allow the client to be independent in his daily activities. We also offer group lessons.


Physiotherapists of SIVA assesses the client's functional condition, movement, posture, balance and flexibility. We offer consultations, group or individual lessons, Nordic walking, Sling therapy, therapeutic gymnastic in the pool and development of an individual set of exercises.
We also offer to visit the gym.

Support of psychologist

Psychologists of SIVA evalutes the client's psychosocial condition, motivation, cooperation skills, personal growth resources etc.
We offer individual or family consultations, support group classes, relaxation classes, trainings, thematic seminars.

Social work

The social worker of SIVA manages the social rehabilitation process, assesses the severity of the client's self-care, mobility and home-related disordes according to the Bartela index, determines the social environment and the client's personal factors and related social functioning difficulties.
The social rehabilitator of SIVA assesses social functioning, diagnoses social barriers, assesses the client's level of social skills and activity, develops and improves the client's communication, cooperation skills, new creative skills, activates the client's existing living traditions and develops new living traditions, motivates clients to change and desire to join in society, motivates and involves the client in leisure, cultural and educational events, evaluates changes in the client's behavior, evaluates and attracts resources, teaches to clients the ability to orientate in their social environment, forms interest training groups.
We offer consultations of social worker, social rehabilitator's individual or group classes, care support.

Functional Diagnostics

We offer ECG, laboratory examinations of patients, express diagnostics - determine blood sugar level, blood pressure.

Physical therapy

We offer  magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, darsonvalization, pressotherapy, vibro massage, inhalation, salt therapy, light therapy, amplipulse and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) procedures.


We offer healing baths (coniferous-pearl, salt), therapeutic showers (Charcot, circular, ascending shower) and underwater massage.
We offer to visit our pool and steam room too.

Therapeutic applications

We offer therapeutic applications of sludge, clay, mountain wax (ozokerite) and paraffin.


Professional masseurs of SIVA perform classical and segmental massage for clients and a children's massage too.

Ask to Your insurance company, which of SIVA provided services it will pay for!

The SIVA shall provide the service for a charge if the client has made prepayment for the service or has filed a guarantee letter.
The SIVA shall refund the customer for the paid, but unused service for a charge based on the application of the client registered in the SIVA that the client should file no later than three business days before the commencement or termination of the service for a charge. 

Procedure of payment for the services for a charge – restrictions for payment in cash:

  • during the period from 1 October to 31 May – EUR 300.00 (two hundred and fifty euros and 00 euro cents) within one invoice;
  • during the period from 1 June to 30 September – EUR 500.00 (five hundred euros and 00 euro cents) within one invoice.

Payment for services exceeding this limit must be made by bank transfer by specifying your name, surname, purpose of payment or invoice number. The duration of payment processing is up to 3 (three) days.