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The alert lifting law (Law), which entered into force on 1st of May in 2019, lays down the right for everyone to raise an alarm in the public and private sectors regarding a risk to public interests observed in the working environment.

Raising the alert: enabling everyone to promote the lawful, fair, open and transparent functioning of the institution by exercising the right to express their views freely.

An alert taker - a natural person who provides information regarding a potential infringement which may harm the public interest if the person considers that information to be true and obtained in the performance of his or her duties or by establishing a legal relationship relating to the performance of his or her duties.

An alarm report may be submitted:

  1. via electronic form on the website
  2. or by filling out the form.

The Law provides that alerts for infringements may be raised, including through an internal alarm system. This means that any employee of an institution may be informed of any alleged infringement of a public interest in the operation of that authority, in order to prevent them from taking time before the reputation of the institution is compromised, it has incurred losses or the competent national authorities are involved. It is the possibility for employees to see potential infringements and, thanks to their professional knowledge and experience, to assess their hazards.

By means of an internal alarm system for reporting, the report is closest to the “cause of the problem” and the concerns expressed can be evaluated promptly, as well as preventing a possible violation or identifying deficiencies of a systematic nature.

When an alert is received, the applicant's personal data shall be pseudonimised.

The personal data of the alert agent, the report and the written or material evidence attached thereto, as well as the alert materials shall have the status of limited availability information.

Any person (institution) who has received or is carrying out any activity with an alert shall be obliged by the to ensure adequate protection of the personal data of the alarm. Personal data of the alert-lifting person may be transferred to only to persons (institutions) for which they are necessary for the examination of the alert-raising report or on the basis thereof, or for the protection of the alert-taker or his or her relatives. More about protecting the alarm lifter in the Protection section of the website

Contact persons of the institution may be contacted for advice on the possibility of raising an alert and on the course of the examination of their report.

Alarm contact: Inara Meleshchenko, phone: 20360821, 67771017, email:

Learn more about raising the alarm in

A self-signed alert message marked “Alert report” may be submitted to the Social Integration State Agency (Dubultu prospekts 71, Jūrmala, LV-2015):

  • by post;
  • by submitting to the contact person in writing or orally in advance - office 136 or on the telephone 20360821;
  • electronically by means of a secure electronic signature to e-mail:;
  • by submitting an application to the Single State and Local Government Services Portal (