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Please be responsible and take care of self-isolation if necessary!

Internal rules

When receiving the services provided by the SIVA, clients must comply with the 'Internal Rules for recipients of SIVA rehabilitation services'. (! rules are in Latvian language. We invite to ask about rules in the reception)

Upon arrival to receive a state-paid social rehabilitation services with accommodation

Upon arrival to receive social rehabilitation service in the SIVA, client must provide a document that he has undergone a Covid-19 test not earlier than three days before entering the SIVA and it is negative, a statement from the family doctor from the medical card of the outpatient patient concerning the general state of health of the person issued not earlier than 7 days prior to the commencement of the service stating the following information:

  • about diseases requiring special attention to be paid and about the use of certain rehabilitation technologies;
  • about absence of absolute contra-indications for receiving a social rehabilitation service (e.g. contraindications for receiving a service include unstable health status, severe mental diseases with active expression, tuberculosis in the active phase, febrile body temperature, gangrene, large (> 5 cm) infected wound, infection rose, pediculosis, scabies, other contagious diseases which may endanger the health and life of the client and others);
  • about relative contra-indications for the receipt of a service requiring an additional assessment of the service by a doctor of a social rehabilitation institution (e.g. severe heart failure, severe kidney failure, advanced oncological diseases, bedsore, trophic ulcer, other infectious diseases);
  • if functional disorders has been caused by road accident injuries;
  • about medicines what person must use every day and diet.

What to take with you?

For personal use, the following shall be taken:

  • daily medications for the entire rehabilitation period;
  • everyday clothes, footwear;
  • indoor and outdoor sports clothing and footwear;
  • for the pool - swimsuit, swimming cap, rubber slippers, towel;
  • hygiene accessories (e.g. toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.);
  • hygiene products, incontinence products, disposable sheets for which this is required;
  • necessary technical aids (e.g. wheelchair, crutches, orthoses);
  • earplugs;
  • the use of personal electrical equipment in the numbers of SIVA is prohibited - teapots, spirals, irons, etc.

Persons who gets the state-paid social rehabilitation services when registering at the SIVA must present the following documents:

  • passport or identification card;
  • a statement issued by the family doctor (form No 27/u) recording the basic diagnosis and additional diagnosis;
  • for persons with an anticipated disability, VDEĀVK opinion confirming the persons status and individual rehabilitation plan;
  • for aliens, also a residence permission.