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Attēls, kurā redzama slinga terapijas pielietošana    Attēls, kurā redzama slinga terapijas pielietošana
Sling therapy is a new concept in modern physiotherapy based on active treatment, exercises and improvement of functionality. Together with a physiotherapist, this treatment uses entire range of activities - from relieving conditions to muscle enhancing exercises, using special professional physiotherapy equipment REDCORD, with which drawing, traction, manual mobilization, pain relief and relaxation are possible.

Sling therapy includes drawing and strengthening of a particular muscle or muscle group:

  • spine, neck, shoulder or hip joint, drawing of part of the belt;
  • spine and large joint stabilisation, depending on illness or injurie;
  • spine and thoracic mobility improvement;
  • relaxation and pain reduction.

The suitability of treatment is determined by a doctor or physiotherapist.

Sling therapy lesson lasts 30 minutes.