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Autoskolas telpās esošais mācību luksofors, tā papildsekcijas un citi iespējamie luksofora veidi

Car driving school

In the Driving school of Social Integration State Agency (hereinafter - Agency) can acquire knowledge and practical driving skills for the theoretical and driving examination of the driver for the category B driving licence at CSDD.

Car customisation

For persons with reduced mobility, the Agency's specialists offer advice on the customisation of the vehicle to the needs of the person, as well as provide the customisation of the vehicle.

The entrance for Jūrmala

Vehicles adapted for disabled persons are freed for the entry fee in Jūramala (they don't need a pass). Vehicles transporting persons with Group I disability and disabled persons with movement disorders also are freeded for the entry fee in Jūrmala. In this case the entering of city must be registred beforehand in portal or at the Municipal Police station on Dubultu avenue 2, in Dubulti after entering the city. The disabled person (a person with Group I disability or a disabled person with movement disorders) him or herself may apply for a free pass for the entire season for one vehicle registred in his or her ownership, possession or as held by him or her in portal free of charge.

Expert of car customisation and car driving Normunds Smiltnieks

 SIVA darbinieks Normunds Smiltnieks

Phone: +371 26419288
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Pilot project "Car customisation service outsourced"