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Hydrotherapy or water healing is one of the oldest treatment methods used to relieve pain and treat diseases. Hydrotherapy procedures improve overall health status. They are used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Water acts on the human organism thermally, mechanically and chemically, so water give us plenty posibilities to use it in the recovery process.

We offer:

Healing baths

Improves metabolism process, beneficial effects on skin and muscle, nervous system. To the water we add fir extract, sea salt. Also offers hand and foot baths. One procedure lasts 10 minutes.

Circular shower

During the procedure strong water blasts act on all sides of the body at the same time. The effect of circular shower is comprehensive - it stimulates the central nervous system, activates the body's protective capabilities and accelerates recovery processes, balance and normalize functioning of the vegetative nervous system, cardiovascular system and endocrine system. Circular shower is used for persons with neurosis and muscle spasms, as well as general health maintenance. One procedure lasts 5 minutes.

Charcot shower

Full-body massage with high-pressure water jet what is directed to the entire body. This procedure is recommended for persons who is overweight. Charcot shower strongly tongues the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle, thereby stimulating metabolism and helping the body to dispose of tailings. To achieve the desired effect 10 - 20 procedures are needed. In parallel harmful habits must be changed, balanced diet should be started, daily treatment should be normalised and sufficient physical load should be provided. One precedure lasts 5 minutes.

Ascending shower

Procedure uses an upward water jet. Ascending shower is used in the treatment of diseases of pelvic organs. One precedure lasts 5 minutes.

Underwater massage

During the procedure the client is in a warm bath in which his body is being massaged with a water jet. The effectiveness of underwater massage consists of simultaneous exposure to water and massage jet. Due to pressure from the massage jet, massage also work on the deeper tissue. Procedure relax muscles and relieves pain. By controlling the strength of water jet, the effects of massage can be both - relaxing and tonic. One precedure lasts 20 minutes.

Swimming pool and thermotherapy

Swimming is not only recommended form of general physical activity but also provides a therapeutic effect in improving health conditions following recovery from diseases or injuries, being in the water relaxes the body. Water supports the weight of body and reduces joint tightness, thereby is possible to exercise entire body without overloading the joints. This is particularly important for persons who suffers from back pain, musculoskeletal - connective tissues diseases.
We offer to combine the pool visit with the use of steam room. Significant changes in the overall distribution and circulation of blood and lymph as well as metabolism occur in the effects of heat. Thermotherapy relieves pain and spasms.

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