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Occupational therapy is one of the rehabilitation sectors that promotes a person's involvement in everyday activities that are important to him / her, thus promoting independence, health and quality of life.

Occupational therapist assesses the client's ability to perform his daily activities, physical, cognitive and social skills, as well as determines the environmental factors that affects on person's daily functioning.

In the process of occupational therapy the skills which are needed at home and at work are restored to help the person improve and maintain functional independence. The occupational therapist trains person how to use abilities which this person has, recomends and trains how to use technical aids and advises about environmental adaptation issues.

We offer:

  • consultations of occupational therapist, 1 lesson lasts until 30 minutes,
  • group lesson (for one person), 1 lesson lasts until 30 minutes,
  • individual lesson, 1 lesson lasts until 45 minutes,
  • an arm and hand rehabilitation exosleleton "Armeo" - the aim of this of this device is to support functional therapy for clients with mild to moderate upper limb damage caused by a neurological disease (eg stroke), trauma (eg fractures), musculoskeletal (eg orthopedic surgery) or age-related disorders.

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