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Physiotherapy is one of rehabilitation sectors, in which persons physical and functional condition is assessed, various active and pasive methodes are used to improve persons health. On the basis of obtained results, for each persons are made an individual rehabilitation plan.

We offer:

  • Therapeutic gymnastic in the hall - available is Cervical - Chest area spondylosis group, Spinal belt - lumbar area spondylosis group and Cardiology group.
  • Therapeutic gymnastic in the pool - using special foam stics and foam dumbbells, balls and other gymnastics equipment, strengthen the muscle of the abdomen, back, legs and hands. Therapeutic gymnastic in the pool is especially suited for persons with increased weight, joint and spine problems, as it is a general body training combining aerobic and force loads to reduce body weight, strengthen general muscle, promote bloodstream and help relax after a stressed working day. It is suitable for different levels of preparedness.
  • Nordic walking - we provide nordic walking in guidance of specialist in a group or individually. Nordic walking is sport activity for everyone, regardless physical fitness, age and weight. The aim of Nordic walkins is to improve load tolerance, daily physical activities, balance and movement coordination, to promote correct body posture, improve immune system and promote the functioning of the immune system, helps to get rid of stress. Walking while holding poles simultaneously involves many muscle groups. Especially suited for persons with joint and back problems.
  • Physical limited training load activities in the gym - physical activities in the gym improves muscle strength, active stability and joint mobility, balance and coordination, and load tolerance.
  • Sling therapy - it's a new concept in modern physiotherapy based on active treatment, exercises and improvement of functionality. Together with a physiotherapist, this treatment uses the entire range of actitivities: from relieving conditions to muscle enhancing exercises, using special professional physiotherapy equipment REDCORD, with which drawing, traction, manual mobilization, pain relief and relaxation are possible. The suitability of treatment is determined by a doctor or physiotherapist. Sling therapy lesson lasts 30 minutes.
    Sling therapy includes - drawing and strengthening of a particular muscle or muscle group (spine, neck, shoulder or hip joint, drawing of part of the belt; spine and large joint stabilisation, depending on illness or injurie; spine and thoracic mobility improvement; relaxation and pain reduction).
  • Schroth therapy - in the case of scoliosis muscles work asymmetric - on one side they are overstretched, but on the other they are shortened, so symmetric exercises cannot have a positive effect on scoliosis treatment. Method of Katrarina Schroth is a three-dimensional specific scoliosis therapy:
    • suspension of deformation and deformation reduction;
    • to reduce functional limits;
    • relieving pain and improving lung funtion.
    Certified physiotherapist of the Schroth method in individual practice, using specific corrective, asymmetric exercises and breathing exercises as well as various manual techniques, adjusts the routine posture of scoliosis patients and trains to maintain adjusted posture in their daily activities. Training in this method provides the person with the necessary knowledge and skills to help control his posture throughout his life.
  • Kinesiology taping - popular and effective method for relieving damaged muscle pain and eliminating joint pain.
  • Individual physiotherapy training - individually designed and assigned exercises for person.

Additional physiotherapy lessons:

  • Each working day is morning workout, whose basic task is to help wake up and prepare the body for the working day and daily activities (lasts about 20 min.).
  • Dosed walkings aimed at the functional state of the cardiocascular system for persons with reduced load tolerance. We have set up two routes - one to the Melluži, but other to Majori.
  • A walk along the outside sensory path allows to feel the stimulating and at the same time reassuring effects of various natural materials found in Latvia.
  • Indoors there is the sensory path "Foot Health". It has been designed that the walk along it gives the opportunity to gradually get used to its diverse surface - at first, let your feet feel a softer base, then increasingly challenging coverings that will remaind a walk on the acorns, pinecones etc., and then again let your feet gradually feel more relaxing covers.

Most common assessment methods used in physiotherapy:

  • assessment of extent of movement, muscle length and muscle strength,
  • assessment of balance and coordination,
  • analysis of persons posture and moves,
  • tests to determine the response of the cardiovascular system to physical load,
  • recommendations for healthy physical activities.

Various active methods are used in physiotherapy:

  • active therapeutic exercises,
  • muscle strength improvement, muscle stretching,
  • for improvening breathing stereotype - breathing exercises,
  • balance and coordination exercises,
  • posture adjustment,
  • movement stereotype correction,
  • strength enhancement,
  • methode of relaxation.

A physiotherapist in his work also uses passive techniques - the development of passive joint movements.

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