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The by-law of the Social Integration State Agency (hereinafter - the Agency) shall specify the right of the Agency to request and receive from individual and legal persons the information which is necessary for the performance of the functions of the Agency. External regulatory enactments determine which documents a person shall submit to the Agency, requesting the necessary service.

The Agency's personal data security policy is based on the following principles:

  • the data subject (person, employee, partner) has provided his or her personal data to the Agency, requesting a service for establishing employment relationships or contractual relations with the Agency;
  • the data subject is informed that the Agency will carry out the processing of personal data submitted by him;
  • the Agency shall ensure the safe processing and storage of personal data submitted by the data subject;
  • members of the Agency have signed the Non-Disclosure of Personal Data (including after termination of employment);
  • training of staff of the Agency in the field of the processing of personal data and information technology security prior to the commencement of work;
  • the staff of the Agency shall be familiar with all internal documents of the Agency specified in the rules on the agenda before commencing their work;
  • the list of positions of users of information systems and the extent of user rights are defined;
  • the term of storage of the Agency's documents shall be aligned with the State Archives.

It is not possible to identify a specific individual from the Agency's statistics.

The person has the right to receive information on the processing of his or her personal data within the Agency.

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