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Sāls istaba, kurā atrodas divi ērti krēsli, skaista dabas fototapete un patīkams apgaismojuma elements

Salt therapy

Salt room is relaxation premise in which salt ions are released from a special apparatus. When a person inhales these ions, they purified, moistened and relax the lining of person airways, stabilising nervous system and improves metabolism. The salt room is recommended for asthma prevention, as well as for clients with frequent respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, cough, almond inflammation, ear inflammation, stress and insomnia eradication, treatment of skin diseases. 

Description of procedure:

  • during the procedure, client sits in lounge chair for 30 minutes and breathe salt-inozed air. It should be breath in through the nose and exhaled through the mouth;
  • the duration of the treatment course is determined individually;
  • before visiting the salt room client must consult to his doctor to find out if the treatment is appropriate for him and to determine the amount of procedures required.

We provide service for children:

  • with a doctor's referral;
  • up to 5 years of age under adult supervision without occupying a site.


The salt room is not recommended if the client has:

  • increased temperature of body;
  • a fever;
  • exacerbation of virus infection;
  • oncological and renal diseases.

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