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Massage is about improving physical and mental workability, helping to relax after a hard and stressful day. Massage is dosed and mechanical action on client tissues, with a purpose to reduce pain, improve bloodstream and metabolism. It has a versatile physiological effect on the whole human body. Professionally performed it is suitable for children, adults and elderly people to maintain their good feeling and help prevent different diseases.
Massages play an important role in the treatment and prevention of various diseases, and also in cases of physical or mental congestion. How an effective treatment method it is widely used in complex treatments in cases of circulatory organs, nervous systems, support and movement apparatus, internal organs, skin diseases and other chronic diseases.

Massage types:

  • classical massage is considered to be the foundation of massage. It consists of sequence of techniques, direction and is done for medicated purposes, for some part of the body or for the entire body;
  • segment massage - one of the types of massage, with special attention to spine massage;
  • for children.

We offer:

  • neck and collar zone massage (2 units), 1 procedure lasts 15 minutes;
  • back massage (C2–S5) (3,5 units), 1 procedure lasts 25 minutes;
  • hand and shoulder massage (2 units),1 procedure lasts 15 minutes;
  • Leg and hip region massage (2,5 unit), 1 procedure lasts 20 minutes;
  • lower back massage (2 units), 1 procedure lasts 15 minutes;
  • head massage (1 unit), 1 procedure lasts 10 minutes;
  • segment massage (1 segment), 1 procedure lasts 10 minutes.

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