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8.jūlija mācību pasākuma dalībnieku kopbilde platformā Zoom

Thanks to participation in the European Platform for Rehabilitation, at the end of 2020 the Social Integration State Agency (SIVA) concluded a trilateral agreement on cooperation in the project Change4Inclusion to work together with the project's member organisations on the development of an inclusive labour market.

In 8th of July representatives of SIVA, together with partners from Belgium and Spain, participated in a transnational mutual learning event under the project.

Change4Inclusion is an ESF project led by GTB in partnership with EPR (Belgium), SIVA (Latvia), Fundación Intras (Spain) and three partners from Flanders: Sterpunt Inclusief Ondernemen, Pulso Europe and GRIP. In the time of project implementation it is planned to support employers, promote changes in their way of thinking and work towards inclusive jobs, inclusive learing development and promotion of an inclusive organisation culture. As a result by creating a sustainable cultural design for work in a company or organisation.

Employers can create inclusive workplaces for persons with disabilities and employees with health problems. Persons with disabilities prefer internal support and mentors (in the workplace) rather than external job coaches.

The main objectives of the project is to create inclusive jobs for persons with disabilities or health problems:

  • Supporting employers to make workplaces more inclusive for disabled persons and those who have health problems
  • Strengthening the concept of inclusion and inclusive work design in companies or organisations
  • Creating sustainable jobs by managing the transition to an inclusive organizational culture.

During the meeting, participants highlighted the scope of the project, outlined the contect of the toolbox “Workplace Integration Assessments” and indentified further steps.

We are inspired to participate in the project “Change4Inclusion” to shere our experience and also to improve the content of our services!

Other information:
Since 1 July 2015, SIVA has become a member of the European Platform for Rehabilitation to develop rehabilitation services for disabled persons. EPR is a network organisation which provides support to social service providers through mutual training to promote excellence and innovation in working with disabled persons.