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For persons with anticipated disability, the Social Integration State Agency provides a vocational aptitude assessment service and a social rehabilitation service.

Vocational aptitude assessment

We invite persons with anticipated disability who wants to improve their professional kowledges and skills to apply for vocational aptitude assessment service. The environment of Social Intergration State Agency is fully adapted to persons with reduced mobility, including persons which uses a wheelchair.

We offer:

  • the possibility of clarifying persons interests and motivation for learning;
  • to assess persons global capacity and knowledge;
  • to identify persons kowledges and skills;
  • to assess the appropriateness of the persons health condition of the chosen profession.

We offer the professional aptitude assessmet service for clients throughout the year. A team of specialists helps to evaluate and identify the most relevant curriculum for cllient.

During the vocational aptitude assessment, the State pay for:

  • consultations of a doctor, psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and other specialists;
  • living in a hotel;
  • catering.

Required documents:

  • a copy of the rehabilitation plan issued by the treating physician;
  • Identification document (passport or ID card);
  • a copy of the document certifying the change of surname, if it has been changed;
  • opinion of the family doctor on the current health condition of person, which has not been issued  earlier than one month before the referral it to the SIVA;
  • educational and qualification supporting documents (original with a statement of performance or a statement from the educational establishment);
  • application regarding the granting of services (in latvian language).


  • with the route taxi, Rīga-Valteri-Sloka to the stop SIVA Koledža or Rīga-Dubulti and then with the 3rd bus to the stop SIVA Koledža.
  • with an electric train up to Dubulti, further with a 3rd bus to the stop SIVA Koledža.

Persons can apply for vocational aptitude assessment by coming to us personally, calling or filling out the electronic login form.


Social rehabilitation



Social rehabilitation is a set of measures that help you learn how to live with disabilities, restore or train those skills that have disappeared due to different conditions, help people to return to work and engage in public activities. . It includes the establishment and marketing of an individual social rehabilitation plan in the field of environmental adaptation and the use of assistive products, with a view to improving mobility and independent life skills.