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In SIVA College You can get a first-level vocational higher education. With acquired knowledges You will be competitive in the labour market and You will be able to continue Your studies in second-level vocational higer education programmes in other universities.

How to apply?

In order to receive state-funded studies, person with disability or anticipated disability must receive a Professional assessment process. Within the framework of Professional assessment process, SIVA specialists will assess the overall capacity, knowledges, skills and a state of health of person and recommend what profession is most appropriate for this person.

Friendly school for persons with disability

Audiences and the enviroment of College is especially friendly and tailored for persons with disabilities. In addition to studies, we offer for person to get a social rehabilitation service to improve and strenghten the health of a person, thereby increasing the quality of persons life.

Who studies at SIVA College?

  • young people after secondary school;
  • young people after vocational school;
  • adults who got secondary education;
  • adults who has graduated others universities, colleges or high schools, but wants to update their knowledges or change their qualification.


  • state-funded studies for persons with disabilities;
  • option to choose the form of studies: full-time or part-time;
  • audiences and the enviroment is equipped according to all modern standarts. It is fully adapted for persons with special needs.

We offer:

  • studies in the guidance of high-skillde teachers and specialists in their field;
  • the ability to use a modern library with the latest teaching materials;
  • support from career counselor by finding a place for practice and/ or workplace;
  • support from specialists - doctor, occupational therapist, psychologist, social worker etc.;
  • procedures for improving or strengthening health;
  • possibility to engage in a student management in which can defend the interests of students and organise an events;
  • extensive opportunities for active leisure, for example - a vocal ensemble, a variety of sports training, a swimming pool, a gym, thematic evenings etc.
  • catering;
  • accommodation at cozy student hostel.

We cooperate with:

  •     University of Applied Sciences;
  •     Riga Technical University;
  •     University „Turība”;
  •     Latvija University of Life Sciences and Technologies;
  •     Information System Management Institute.

Diploma of College on first level professional higher education allows to continue studies in higher education schools in a speciality that already appropriates to courses 2 or 3. Each appicant's application is evaluted individually and equate the amount of study courses acquired to the continuation of studies in another higher education school.