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Dubultu prospekts 71, Jūrmala, LV-2015
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Social Integration State Agency (Shiva) provide social rehabilitation services. Social rehabilitation is a set of measures to help you learn to live with functional disorders, renew or to teach them skills that have been lost due to different circumstances, helps people to re-enter working life and to engage in social activities. It includes individual social rehabilitation, education, creating a plan for the environment and aids pielāgotības area of use to improve mobility and independent living skills.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    To log on to the social rehabilitation of the national budget resources, the person to visit a doctor and the local government social service office in which the declaring person resides.
    step 1 - a doctor. The family or attending physician shall issue a certificate indicating:
    - KODU diagnosis SSK-10 according to the international disease classifiers;
    - may or may not have medical contraindications for receipt of services social rehabilitation.
    While people with technical aids are the attending physician shall draw up an individual rehabilitation plan.
    step 2 - the social service. A statement issued by a doctor to go to the self-government social service, which declared person resides.
    Please bring personal identification document.
    Politically repressed persons and Chernobyl NPP accident victims will also need a copy of a document certifying this status.
    Social service office reporting to mobilise the public paid social rehabilitation services.
    Persons with functional disturbances social service specialist in accordance with the index assesses Bartela self-care, mobility and with the capacity of domestic life.
    Social service specialists assess the application and decide whether it is necessary to grant national fee-based social rehabilitation services.
    If the decision is positive, the social service shall be forwarded to the Shiva, accompanied by all documents required.
    step 3 - Shiva. Shiva after evaluation of the documents sent to the person a decision regarding admission in a row or a decision regarding the receipt of services as a matter of urgency and social rehabilitation of the national budget resources.
    Before beginning rehabilitation course Shiva recipients of services shall be forwarded to the decision regarding the granting of services to the secondment. It mentions, at the beginning of the rehabilitation course, as well as other necessary information.
    Before starting rehabilitation course of family doctors receive a certificate (form No 27 / s).
    Important: the certificate shall not be issued earlier than one month before the start of the rehabilitation course. When you sign up to remove the following documents: Passport; family doctors issued a statement (form No 27 / s); persons with predictable disabilities – VDEĀVK certifying the status of opinion and individual rehabilitation plan; foreigners - including the residence permit.

  2. Receipt of services
    Receipt of services according to the application of choice.

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