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Education program

Sign language interpreter

Code of program



Sign language interpreter

Previous education

Secondary education (12 classes)

Address, phone

Slokas street 61, Jūrmala, phone + 371 29466508



Form and duration of the program

Full-time (2 years)

Education document

Diploma of first level professional higher education (level 4 of qualification)

Annual tuition fee

State-funded program

Description of what does a sign language interpreter do

Sign language interpreter is able to translate lectures, speeches as well as other forms of verbal communication directly and reversibly in the language of Latvian sounds and signs in communication between a deaf person and person who hears. Sign language interpreter works in organisations related to persons with hearing disabilities, as in Latvian Association of the Deaf and its regional associations, elementary schools, professional secondary schools

Studiju kursi

General educational courses:

  • Document management
  • Psychology of contact
  • General psychology
  • Legal basics of labour
  • Introduction in speciality - ZPD
  • Civil protection
  • Latvian language
  • English/German language
  • Businesslike interaction
  • Social economy
  • Basics of IT

Sectoral and professional courses of qualification:

  • Human hearing organs and adjustment options
  • Surdopsychology
  • Deaf culture and intercultural interaction
  • Sign language culture, traditions and flexibility
  • Sign language and its grammar of Latvian deaf persons
  • Usage of IT in translation of sign language
  • Latvian sign language I-III
  • Professional ethics of translator
  • Simultaneous translation 
  • Metodology - consecutive translation
  • Sign language terminology: IT, sport, auto mechanic
  • Sign language terminology: Housekeeping, crafts
  • Sign language terminology: Art
  • Sign language terminology: Sexual health behaviors, medicine
  • Sign language terminology: Religion
  • Methodology for translation of Latvian sign language
  • Sign language terminology: Legal and economic terms
  • Practices and qualification practices 
  • Job of qualifications

Study program Sign language interpreter is accredited by 30 June 2024