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Welcome to a modern and entertaining Relaxation Centre of Social Integration State Agency in Jaundubulti. We provide a variety of sports activities and procedures for beauty and health.

For active rest

For beauty and health

* doctor recommendation required

 Customer convenience

  • WiFi
  • Parking lot


  • the premises of Social Integration State Agency are fully accessible for people with functional disabilities. We provide possibility to move around all floors of the building using an elevator, easily entering and exiting the building through the automatic doors, the width of doors is sufficient to allow a person in a wheelchair to enter/ escape the building;
  • for persons with functional disabilities there are available adapted toilets in each floor;
  • for persons with functional disabilities there are available adapted procedures rooms as well as adapted numbers with custom bathrooms and toilets; 
  • equipment of gym is multifunctional and many training devices are suitable also for persons with reduced mobility, including persons in a wheelchairs;
  • the swimming pool is equipped with a special hoist to be accessible to persons with disabilities.

Medical Treatment Institution code: 130014001

Ask to Your insurance company, which of Agency provided services it will pay for!