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Iveta Liepa, a student of the Social Integration State Agency (hereinafter - SIVA), has acquired a divided 1./2. place in the competition for the creative works of students "Es mācos koledžā" (I study at College) organised by the Latvian Association of Colleges (hereinafter - LAC).

The purpose of the competition is to promote colleges, their place and their role in the Latvian higher education system. As part of it, students had to submit self-created creative works, created in a video or essay format, on one of the topics: “Why did I choose studies at College?” or “What did I have from college”.

SIVA College student submitted the creative work - an essay on “Why I chose to study at SIVA College in the specialty of programmers”. The work reflects the student's unusual and relentless path to her dream – the dream of learning what is closest to her heart. The work of the student shows that, whatever the obstacles in life, you should not abandon your goals and desires, because they tend to be filled in a variety of ways.

What prompted Iveta to participate in the contest?

When she saw the information received in e-class regarding the competition announced by the LAC, Iveta wanted to take part in it because she knew her path to study was long and unusual. It can also inspire other people not to give up and aspire to what is close to the heart and what they want to achieve.

Life developments that allow to fulfill desires!

Although information technology is close to heart of Iveta, because of her state of health, a several years ago Iveta choosed the qualifications of the commercial worker of industry. However, life is unpredictable, it gave to Iveta the opportunity to return to the SIVA again and also gave her the power to overcome her doubts and to dare to learn what has been exciting her since 1994 – information technology.

Due to the global pandemic, various restrictions have been imposed which have led to changes in services, processes and human habits. Yet - every cloud has a golden edge - Iveta sees not only losses in this situation but also new opportunities and benefits, such as the possibility of having a virtual presence in museums etc.

Whithin the limits of the pandemic, this time the SISA College Studies Programme “Software for Applied Systems” is implemented in part-time. This has enabled Iveta to learn the qualifications of a programmer, because, unfortunately, because of different circumstances she cannot study in person. Quoting Iveta – “Miracles happen!” Impossible becomes possible! Due to Covid-19, training is remote. The whole world went hand in hand.".

With an optimistic view for the future.

Although Iveta is doubtful, she sees her future on IT. The motto of her life is eyes were frightened by the work, but hands were not frightened by the work. The job is doing the doer . She captures the moment and opportunities by taking as much knowledge and skills as possible in the training process from the experienced and knowledgeable lecturers of SIVA College. Iveta: “Wish me the green light and good tailwind...”.

SIVA collective is proud about its student and wish her to have a good health, as well as the ability to maintain her creative spark, optimism and perseverance.