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Tiešsaistes tikšanās skats - kreisajā pusē viens no Norvēģijas sociālā uzņēmuma prezentācijas slaidiem, labajā pusē redzami tikšanās dalībnieki

Yesterday, June 3, specialists of Social Integration State Agency (hereinafter - SIVA) met with representatives of the Norwegian social company "Lyk-z & Døtre"* (hereinafter - "Lyk-z & Døtre") in order to acquire new knowledge and experience, and to develop closer cooperation with another member organization of European Platform for Rehabilitation**.

In order to encourage the continuous development of the Vocation Aptitude Assessment service, SIVA professionals regularly complement their knowlege and explore increasingly new methods and tools for assessing individuals capabilities and skills. In Zoom meeting with representatives of "Lyk-z & Døtre", SIVA specialists raised awareness and knowledge of the training web platform "FROG Leadership and Life Mastery" developed and used by this company, but "Lyk-z & Døtre" learned about social and professional rehabilitation services provided by SIVA and welcomed them.

Within the meeting acquired information about the method "FROG Leadership and Life Mastery" developed by "Lyk-z & Døtre". This method consists of 5 modules - Vision, Identity, Communication, Impact & The Big Leap. Training program lasts 7 weeks and as a result of the programme persons gain faith and confidence in their own values and skills, they set new goals and form a plan to achieve their goals.

 Additional information:

* Norway social company "Lyk-z & Døtre"  mission is to assist youth who have dropped out of school and work-life to find their qualities and unique abilities, and with this quickly return to school and work.

 ** From 1st Julay 2015 SIVA is a member of European Platform for Rehabilitation), to develop rehabilitation services for disabled persons. EPR is a network of service providers to people with disabilities committed to high quality service delivery. EPR's mission is to build the capacity of its members to provide sustainable, high quality services through mutual learning and training.​