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The state-funded service of Professional assessment process is provided by the Social Integration State Agency to persons of working age with disability, mental disorders or anticipated disability.
The service of Professional assessment process is a set of activities carried out by the specialists of SIVA: they assess health status of each individual of working age with disability or anticipated disability and his/her motivation to engage in training process and the labour market, his/her interests, knowledge and abilities. As a result, the individual receives a recommendation of SIVA specialists on suitable areas of activities (professions, training programmes or support measures). SIVA specialists can also recommend studies at Jurmala Vocational Secondary School or SIVA College, where a person can learn a new profession in order to find a suitable job in the future.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    To receive information regarding the determination of the professional suitability and time of occurrence may be:
    1) by phone 29249084 or 29187093
    2) by e-mail:
    3) at home page -

Papildu informācija par profesionālās piemērotības noteikšanas pakalpojumu