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Anyone interested can obtain the qualification of HR specialist, accountant, marketing and sales specialist, hotel service organiser, computer system and computer network administrator, programmer and a sign language interpreter or professional higher education of the 1st level at SIVA College.

Individuals of working age with disability or anticipated disability my receive a state-funded professional rehabilitation service after the assessment of their vocational aptitude and acquire a qualification in one of the above programmes, and receive additional individual social rehabilitation services.

At first person should undergo a vocational aptitude assessment and submit the following documents in order to apply for studies at SIVA College:

  1. application with the request for service provision;
  2. copy of the rehabilitation plan issued by the attending physician in case of the individual's anticipated disability;
  3. copy of the individual rehabilitation plan made by the municipal social service, it the individual's disability has been established;
  4. conclusion of the general practitioner issued no earlier than one month before submission of the conclusion to the Social Integration State Agency;
  5. copy of the document attesting secondary education with a supplement or transcript of records (the original document should be presented);
  6. copy of the document certifying the change of surname/ name (only it has been done);
  7. a personal identification document - a passport or ID card - should be presented.

Receiving the service

Receiving the service according to the requested choice/ vocational aptitude recommendation.

The state-funded service is provided to:

  1. for full-time and part-time studies for individuals with disability, individuals with anticipated disability, who received the conclusion of the State Medical Commission for Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability containing the recommendation on necessity of professional rehabilitation and who received the recommendation of SIVA Vocational Aptitude Department on the study at the first-level vocational higher education programme;
  2. for the academic programme "Sign Language Interpreter" for individuals who have successfully passed the vocational aptitude test for the speciality "Sign Language Interpreter".

Individuals can be enrolled in full-time and part-time academic programmes on a fee basis or using private funds based on the results of centralised examinations. Persons who acquired secondary education abroad are admitted on the basis of assessments in the secondary educational document. If a person acquired an educational document or degree abroad, the statement of the Academic Information Centre on compliance of the educational document or degree obtained abroad to the educational document conferred in Latvia shall be attached to the application.