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The state-funded service of vocational aptitude test is provided by Social Integration State Agency (SIVA) to persons of working age with disability, mental disability, mental disorders or anticipated disability.

The service of vocational aptitude assessment is a set of activities carried out by SIVA specialists: they assess health status of each individual of working age with disability or anticipated disability and his/her motivation to engage in training process and the labour market, his/her interests, knowledge and abilities. As a result, the individual receives a recommendation of SIVA specialists on suitable areas of activities (professions, training programmes and support measures).

The duration of the service is up to 10 calendar days. During the assessment, the client is advised to acquire the education/ training programme depending on the area of his/ her interest, abilities and health.

Individuals should apply for a vocational aptitude assessment:

  1. by phone: +371 29249084 or +371 29187093 (within a state budget), +371 29187093 (within a project);
  2. by e-mail: ppn@siva.gov.lv or sivaprojekts@siva.gov.lv;
  3. at SIVA web-site.

Required documents:

  • an application with the request for service provision;
  • personal identification document - like a passport or an ID card;
  • the conclusion of persons family doctor (U27), including the basic diagnosis code and the indication of the absence of medical contraindications for the service, must be submitted. The conclusion must have been issued not earlier than one month before it is submitted in the Social Integration State Agency.
    Limitations during Covid-19: the service is provided to a persons without signs of respiratory disease, if the person can produce a document that he or she has undergone a Covid-19 test not earlier than three days before the service and it is negative or the person has a statement issued by the treating or family doctor not earlier than a week before arrival at the institution (U27);
  • if person has a anticipated disability, the individual rehabilitation plan (copy) of the treating doctor shall be submitted;
  • documents certifying the education and performance records previously obtained (the originals must be presented);
  • a document certifying the change of name must be submitted if the given name/surname has been changed.

Receiving the service according to the choice or based on the results of the vocational aptitude assessment.